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Social media is a part of my life and browsing them is a part of my daily routine, especially this summer. My mother would always complain, “You just woke up and you’re on your phone already ha” or when she just got back from work and I’m on my phone “I bet you’re on your phone the whole day huh?” and I would smile because it’s true. I can’t help it, there’s nothing to do.

So as I am scrolling through my Instagram one afternoon, I saw Tricia Gosingtian’s post.


So as fast as I can, I commented “I would love to see one of my fave bloggers . . . ” And what I said is really true. How can you not idolize her, when she’s so simple but oh so beautiful and cute.

My mind never thought of winning that contest, because there are too many comments already, about 60 plus already, but that didn’t stop me, I really tried. And guess what, I won woot woot.


I just woke up, so I turned the wifi on and get myself my brunch (breakfast plus lunch cause I woke up late already haha lol). My phone started buzzing, that means, notifications everywhere. As I am dismissing notifications on my notification list, I saw the name tgosingtian and an Instagram icon, that morning I was still ‘bangang’, I forgot about that contest. I was curious because why would a famous life, style and travel blogger message me, so I tapped it, then read the message.


She replied to my message, kilig! *hearts everywhere*

I really didn’t expected to win the contest, because other’s comments are long and sweet, and mine was the complete opposite.

So lets get back, after reading Tricia’s message, this famous line was really me -> “Ang ngiti ay abot tenga”. I am jumping because of joy and (kinikilig). I literally ran to my mom and asked her if she could accompany me on April 16 2015 in Sm Aura. She asked me why, so I explained everything to her. Then she said yes, I was really happy. My mom even teased me “Overjoy?” . I really didn’t care about her teasing me. What’s on my mind is that i will be meeting Tricia on Saturday. I kept tweeting stuffs like “OMG OMG OMG” “Kilig πŸ’ž” and etc. because I’m super happy. I even sent the picture of Tricia’s message to my friend, Stephanie, (She’s a fan of her too) to make her jealous, and i succeeded, she’s jealous *evil laugh*.

Fast forward to Saturday

We’re at the MOA (Mall of Asia) to drop off my sister because she’s meeting a friend. Time check: 1:00 pm, only an hour left before 2 o’clock (obviously, duh Angela). Remember, the event will start at 2 pm. So we took the cab, instead of the bus just to be able to get there before 2 pm. And luckily, when we got there, the event has not yet started.

The theme is ‘Afternoon Tea Party’. It’s just so cute and girly, just like ate Tricia Gosingtian right?

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There is also a waiter there, who roams around and give and or ask you desserts. (My friend has a crush on him, she even used my Instagram account to be able to talk to him hmp. But i explained and said sorry to kuya for disturbing).Β  And the other waiter, distributes the cotton candies.

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Perks of being on the guest list: Reserved seat, free cotton candy and free food yaay. On the other hand, to those who are interested in listening, but are not on the guest list can stand at the back or at the sides and enjoy themselves.

The host for the event was Giannina Ocampo. She’s just so perfect. Imagine seeing an actress, singer and a model in front of you. And by the way she’s also funny. All in one eh?

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When finally Tricia stepped on the stage, I was in awe and I kept pinching myself, I really can’t believe that Tricia is in front of me.

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Tricia talked about ‘How to Achieve a Sweet and Sophisticated Style’ this spring/summer. And I really learned a lot.Β  # TriciaXForever21

Spot the missing Angela. (I’m using my phone haha)

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Photo from Tricia Gosingtian via tricigosingtian.com

After the talk, Reese Lansangan, a blogger and also a singer song writer, sang some of her original songs, and Pillowtalk by Zayn Malik (I’m a 1D fan). Her voice is so magical, I really loved how she sang Pillowtalk and Trophy Boy (I can relate hihi). It’s my first time hearing her, and just like ate Giannina said, I’m an instant fan.

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So after the event, I guess its meet and greet time & shopping time (or hoarding time hihi). FYI, I’m a huge fan of Forever 21.

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Shopping is really fun at forever 21. (Wow rhyme haha)

♦ All photos are mine, unless stated.


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