Cafe Rani

One afternoon, while I’m searching in an application (a restaurant app) a place to chill, my eyes suddenly landed on the words CAFE RANI.

For me, the name of the coffee shop doesn’t sound that good right? The first thing that pop out of my mind after reading the name, is a man named Rani, the owner I guessed. The ratings are not that high but also not so low, therefore I thought Cafe Rani will be just like all the other cafes, having their walls in a plain color and bunch of chairs and tables scattered throughout the area. But I wasn’t discouraged just because of those thoughts of mine, admit it, we judge things easily. Uh uh don’t judge a book by its cover. I love going to different cafes and also I was curious, so I tapped the menu then the pictures. Viola!

Once I stepped inside this cafe, I am in awe. I regretted all the things I said earlier. Cafe Rani is so cute on the inside.


They have 2 guitars for you to play with, if you know how to. So sad, i don’t know how to huhu.


They also have a pair of desktop computers and a printer for students like me, who needs to accomplish a project the next day or so. Their only requirement for you to use their computer, is to buy a food and a drink. So simple and easy right? Me and my friend, Darees, didn’t get to use their computers because we only bought drinks and we didn’t plan on staying any longer. So if you needed to finish a paper work while chillin’ like a villain, then you know where you’re heading.

Cafe Rani is located at the Second floor of Sherwoods Place, Taft Avenue, Malate Manila.


We ordered Coffee Caramel and Cookies & Cream.


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♦All photos are mine, unless stated.


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