Actually, I already knew this cafe before cute cafes started sprouting like everywhere. 2 years agone when my friend told me about this cafe near De La Salle University. And finally after years of busyness, we were able to visit Cafe Noriter this 2015.

I really don’t have any idea with the interior of this cafe because of its name. My friend just told me it is nice inside. Hmm? What do you think?

Noriter is really nice and cute. It is a Korean coffee shop composed of cubicles, decks, chairs and tables.


All of these, (cubicles, decks & tables) are made of wood, guess what their gimmick is. Yes, you guessed it right, you can write anything you want, but of course no bad and malicious words, or you can doodle on them using a marker. Finally, vandalism is legal hooray!!

But before you enter their cubicles or decks and enjoy yourself in vandalizing, they require customers to remove their footwear for hygienic purposes.

I have gone there, hmm,  twice already.

The first time is when we chilled after a whole day of practicing for our play: The New Yorker From Tondo. All our efforts paid off, when, we got the highest score, ended the play with our teacher smiling, & our teacher requested us to play it again for another batch of audiences. Okay share haha.

The second time is after our hell week, in other words, the exam week. Me and my best friend decided to go here to finally relax, and stuff our tummy with comfort food.

I ordered their Carbonara, Mocha Frap and Mini Banofee as my dessert. All mine bwahaha *evil laugh*. Damn, pig life, oinky oink.


No meal is done till desserts! Hers is, Oreo Cake and Coffee jelly.


Noriter is located at the Second Floor of Reyes Building, Estrada Street, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

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♦All photos are mine, unless stated.



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