A Break From Reality

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Senior high school students. SHS students. Grade 11 students. That’s what people call us. Since school year 2016-2017 started, I never had a good night sleep. Sleepless nights here, sleepless nights there, sleepless nights everywhere. Not because of how hard the lessons are and are being tackled every single day. It is because the load of this curriculum surprised us. Before (junior high school), we were so chill, assignments, tests and reporting are so seldom. But now, tons of activities, assignments, long tests, performances, projects, reporting and quizzes are given all at the same time that is/are due the next meeting or so. I also can’t sleep up to 9, 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning and have brunch instead because of our practices during the weekends. Yes, that’s our everyday lives.

However, even though we are that stressed, we still enjoy what we are doing, we just live in the moment, and think that one day, all of these will come to an end & will have a positive outcome. As an effect, I can’t wait for the most awaited semestral brreeaakk!! The time when I can finally relax, chill and forget about school. Our (students) break from reality!

How I spent my semestral break:

  •  eat

  • sleep

  • read books

  • use the internet

  • stalk babe oops I mean crush

  • go out with my family & my best friends

The highlight of my sembreak was my date with my sister. We had our foot massaged, toured the Old Manila a.k.a. Intramuros, dined in a restaurant and spent the night in a luxurious hotel.

My vlog hihi ↓ Sorry, the video won’t upload, so just visit my facebook  🙂

My Vlog  🙂

M-Bay Health Spa

Upon climbing up the stairs, which contains candles at each side, we couldn’t help but admire their lovely chandelier. So posh and elegant indeed.

2016-10-31 11.44.30 1.jpg

I need one like her in my life, especially when school has drained all of my energy. One word to sum up our experience? Wonderful! They also have a widescreen television. I am so happy that when I turned to TLC, it’s my favorite tv series, Next Great Baker! We’ll definitely go back here and try their famous Authentic Shiatsu Massage.

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It started raining in the afternoon huhu  😦

2016-10-31 11.44.32 1.jpg

White Knight Hotel

Hooray for history plus luxury!

2016-10-31 11.44.34 1.jpg

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2016-10-31 11.44.39 1.jpg

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We also rode an electric chariot while touring The Old Manila, a.k.a. Intramuros. Imagine riding a hover board, but sitting down. Santa Clause, I badly need one 😦

2016-10-31 11.44.33 1.jpg

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Travel essentials joke haha. Here I am again, Instagram-ing hihi (follow me, @angelamercader)

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Coco Bango Cafe

Processed with VSCO

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2016-10-31 11.44.37 1.jpg

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My sister and I ordered Carbonara, Cheese Burger, Chinese Pork Barbeque, Yangchow Fried Rice and Iced Teas. Ugghh heaven! (I didn’t get to capture the others cause she got too excited haha.)

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We also enjoyed their live music on the patio while eating our dinner. Ahhh, so relaxing.

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P. S. Everything was free. Yuuup!

So I would like to thank one of my favorite (no kidding) and of course handsome (promise girls hihi) professor ever, Sir Kerwin Lawrence Octavo of mrpogitips.com for encouraging us to join Chinatown TV’s giveaway. And of course thank you Chinatown TV, for organizing our trip and for the staycation itself. More power!!

Don’t forget to Catch Chinatown TV every Sunday at 10 a.m. with replays at 11 p.m. on IBC 13. Visit http://www.chinatowntv.net   for more information.

♦ All photos are mine, unless stated.


M-Bay Health Spa

778, President Quirino Avenue, Manila, Metro Manila

Tel: (02)  522 1945

Operating hours:  1PM-12AM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mbayhealthspa/


White Knight Hotel

General Luna Street corner, Urdaneta St, Intramuros, Manila, Metro Manila

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whiteknighthotelintramuros/


Coco Bango Cafe

Located inside White Knight Hotel

Tel: (02) 526 6539

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coco-Bango-Cafe-White-Knight-Hotel-Intramuros-Manila/16799086659496



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