Le Cheat

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Legal holidays are supposed to be celebrated inside our cozy home, bonding, catching up & having fun with our family. Treasuring that one day with absolutely no work or school.

That day, we had our very first organization meeting, because of our deadline (tomorrow). Damn, we’re cramming again. The moment the organization president first announced it, I’m like, what? Seriously?! An organization meeting on a holiday? Ugghh . . .

So after our long and stressful meeting, me and my best friend are finding a good place to eat, to gain our lost energy.

Hmmm, where to eat? The struggle is real, especially when you’re a food enthusiast, Instagram-er & a blogger (self-proclaimed hahaha).

After 12345 years, haha lol jk, we finally found a place, where, the interior is cute, and at the same time, the food is not that pricey. Hooray!

Le Cheat is a bit hidden, not so close from the countless food chains in Taft. We even got lost a little bit while finding Le Cheat (I already saved the map going to there, oops hahaha). We really felt like Dora the Explorer, but as they say, unexpected things are always fun.

When we finally reached the place, the sign on the door was “Sorry, we’re close.” Our reactions were, ugghh! What? Are they serious? After all our efforts just to find this place? Then, suddenly we realized that today is a holiday, so they are really closed. We even laughed at each other, cause how come we didn’t even thought of that before going there.

So after our short realizations, we decided to just go back. So while we’re walking going back to Taft, a guy shouted at us “bukas na kami!” (we’re already open). Good thing, the staffs noticed us checking out the place. There were no nearby restaurants there, indeed, Le Cheat is a hidden gem in the street of Arellano Avenue, that’s why we really thanked God for answering our unsaid prayers.

We were the only customers in the place. We own the second floor woot woot! I loved that there are pinks scattered in the restaurant. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s my favorite color. But after how many minutes, there are customers also dining in. SadΒ  😦

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I ordered Fettuccine ala Carbonara, while my best friend ordered BBQ Ribs. We also ordered Sure of Churros with Nutella dip for dessert. Everything was superb! Promise.

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Chocolate Run Milkshake & Lemonade. Absolute heaven! *hearts everywhere*

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The name Le Cheat says it all. They serve sinfully good food that will destroy your diet.

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I really loved this one spot (our spot hihi) there, instead of 2 chairs, they replaced it with a sofa. I felt like I’m eating in my own home. Look who’s feeling at home haha, meee!

P.S. Their sofa is so soft (I don’t know the right term haha), just like what we have in our homes, unlike the sofas in other restaurants, which are so firm.

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Satisfied customers over here!

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Our total expenditures:

  1. Fettuccine ala Carbonara β‚± 140.00
  2. Chocolate Run Milkshake β‚± 145.00
  3. BBQ Ribs (size: proper) β‚± 235.00 + β‚± 20.00 for a quarter pint of lemonade
  4. Sure of Churros with Nutella dip β‚± 170.00

Check out #AngelaLamons on Instagram for more of my food adventures.

The Exquisite Kid enunciates:

Food: 5/5

Place: 4/5

Service: 4/5

We will definitely go back and try other best sellers on their menu.

♦ All photos are mine, unless stated.

Le Cheat

1059 Estrada Corner Arellano Street, Malate, Manila.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eatlecheat/

Tel: (02) 5231774


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