Hugot Café

*At a restaurant*

Me: Anong order mo? (What do you want?)

Him: Chicken

Me: Anong parte gusto mo? (What part do you want?)

Him: Ang maging parte ng buhay mo. (To be a part of your life.)


Hugot lines are like everywhere. For my non-Filipino readers, Hugot literally means to pull out. But today, it’s a trend among millenniums. #Hugot or #WhoGoat refers to drawing emotions from somewhere deep which you learned from a painful romantic experience. Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, they’re like inevitable.

But who would imagine a hugot inspired cafe? I told myself and my friend who’s into hugot lines, “We need to visit this place!”

Hugot Café, as the name says, is a hugot themed coffee shop, located at the heart of Tondo, Manila.

2016-12-19 10.03.00 1.jpg

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Before entering the cafe, a hugot would already greet you. “Love is like a magic. You will continue to believe until you see the stratagem”

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Their famous inverted Eiffel Tower Chandelier. Since France is the city of love and the Eiffel Tower is located there, they inverted it as a sign of grief because of heartache.

And oh, this turns to a mini stage for poetry nights. They hold an Open Mic every Sunday, where you can share your hugot poems. It’s time to channel your inner Juan Miguel Severo. Registration starts at 5 p.m. and performances at 8 p.m.

Don’t have the courage to share your hugot? Sticky notes, pen and push pins are available. Post it on their #HugotWall

Broken? Cause you have fallen for a pa-fall1? Eat your feelings with Broken, 8 pieces of churros with caramel dip plus cinnamon and sugar drizzle & Pa-fall, coffee crumble milkshake with a scoop of ice cream, chocolate syrup and a wafer stick. I’m sure these are sweeter that your ex. Or happy with your boyfie or girlfie? Indulge the two of you with In A Relationship, 6 pieces of corn dogs with honey mustard & Stick-To-One, chocolate milkshake with a scoop of ice cream, chocolate syrup and a wafer stick. Not into sweets? Try their Kapeng Matapang Na Kaya Kang Ipaglaban2, a hot cup of brewed Sagada coffee beans.

1Pa-fall refers to making someone fall for you without the intention of really loving him/her.

2Kapeng Matapang Na Kaya Kang Ipaglaban. This refers to strong coffee, strong enough that can fight for you.

We both ordered the Paasa1 milkshake. Mocha milkshake topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sprinkles and a couple of wafer sticks. Pinapaasa mo lang ako kasi alam mo na crush kita Oo na, crush kita2. *music notes* Hugot! Hahaha. I didn’t finish my milkshake because it’s just so sweet. I literally felt like I’m drowning in sugar.

1Paasa is almost the same with pa-fall. Making someone hope that love is possible between the two of you.

2Actually this is just a lyrics of a song. But here’s the message: You’re making me hope that love is possible between us because you know I have a crush on you.

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And oh I almost forgot, after ordering, the staff would chat you a little bit. He asked me, “Sino ang paasa, siya o ikaw?”(“Who’s paasa, you or him?”) I laughed at him first before answering “Uhhmm siya po haha!”(“Him haha!”) And upon getting your order, the barista would say your order out loud followed by his own advice according to what the two of you have chatted earlier. And I love this gimmick of them haha.

By the way, the place is not that big. I heard they are jam-packed during late afternoons, so better visit the place early.

What we’ve ordered:

  1. Pa-asa milkshake ₱ 90.00

The Exquisite Kid rates their:

Food: 3/5

Place: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Check out #AngelaLamons on Instagram for more of my food adventures.

All photos are mine, unless stated.

Hugot Café

Fairview – Lot 10 B83 Regalado Avenue, North Fairview, Quezon City

Operating hours: Monday-Sunday, 12NN-10P.M.

Contact no: (0918) 963-4752

Tondo – 2/F XRC Building, 3702 Hermosa cor Limay St, Tondo, Manila

Operating hours: Monday-Sunday, 11A.M.-10P.M.

Tel: (02) 287-3197

Pamplona – 262 Alabang Zapote Road, South Park High Commercial Complex, Pamplona, Las Piñas

Operating hours: Monday-Sunday, 1P.M.-10P.M.

Tel: (02) 938-9469

San Dionisio – 1166 Quirino Avenue, San Dionisio, Parañaque

Operating hours: Monday-Sunday, 1P.M.-10P.M.

Contact no: (0995) 458-7521

Almanza – Suntrade 577 Alabang Zapote Rd, Almanza, Las Piñas

Operating hours: Monday-Sunday, 2PM-10PM

Contact no: (0920) 951-6090


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