Chained String. Creativity Chained In A Bag.


Stringed bags are extremely famous right now. Wherever you go, you will see at least three people wearing one. It is clear that it became an instant hit. But we, as millennial, who want to keep up with the trend, some can’t afford to buy one because of the price. More or less each stringed bag costs P350.00. Aww 😦

Worry no more! That is the main reason why Chained String is here. They are selling high quality customized stringed bags at a very affordable prize. Each stringed bag is made of water-resistant cloth with zipper on the side and comes with a free patch of your choice and a personalized key chain. All of for only P200.00. What a deal right? What are you waiting for get yours now!



How to customize your very own stringed bag?

Step 1: Choose the color of your stringed bag.

Available colors:

  • Black

  • White

  • Maroon

  • Navy blue

Step 2: Choose your patch.

Additional patch is for only P25.00 each.


Step 3: Choose the color of the key chain &Β  the name.Β  And tell us what letter or name to put.

Extra key chain is for only P25.00 each.


For more information visit @chainedstringph on Instagram or contact Angela Mercader at 0923-467-3783 or send an email to



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